Radhika Bharat Ram

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Radhika Bharat Ram

Educationist, Philanthropist & Singer

Radhika is the Joint Vice Chairperson of The Shri Ram Schools. Under the aegis of Shri Educare Limited, an education consultancy company, she has been instrumental in setting up The Shri Ram Millennium Schools in NCR & The Shri Ram Early Years.

She also serves as the Chairperson of the Indian Blind Sports Association & JPM Senior Secondary School for the Blind , the Jt. Secretary of The Blind Relief Association & the Hon. General Secretary of Delhi Crafts Council.

Radhika is a trustee of CAPED – Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection that has been working in the area of awareness creation for women-centric cancers. Radhika has been a member of the steering committee of CII Foundation Woman Exemplar Program since 2014. She is also a member of Advisory Board of Saajha.

She was conferred by Women Economic Forum as Women of the Decade in Community Leadership in December 2019.

She was also mentioned as one of the change makers in the book Why People Give by Ratna & Suhasini Vira.

Radhika earned a degree in Bachelors of Commerce from Delhi University. Outside of work, she enjoys music, pottery and running half marathons.

Radhika loves to sing and got back to singing after 25 years in 2014. She learns music and enjoys being a student again. Following her passion has brought her immense joy and thru TFAC she wants to help other upcoming artists and causes that need a voice.