Vandana Munjal

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Vandana Munjal

Entrepreneur & Actor

Vandana Munjal, one of the core members of Theatre for a Cause (TFAC), has been involved with theatre since the past 8 years. What started off as a hobby, has now become a passion that combines her creative talents with her desire to give back to society.
She has played the lead role in all of the musicals by TFAC. She has also been involved in set production for all the shows conducted.

Her ability to convincingly portray a variety of roles comes from the diversity of fields she has been involved in, both professionally and socially.

Vandana is also an active member of The Shift Series, an organization that aims to create change and inspire passion through workshops, talks and conferences. She has worked with various artists and directors from India and overseas in the field of theatre, photography and performing arts to organize workshops for adults, teachers and children. Through this channel she has also worked to highlight the concerns and causes of various sections of society including transgenders, child trafficking, acid attack victims and many others.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree with Economics Honours, followed by a Master’s degree in French. Her work experience started by teaching French at the ‘Alliance Française de Paris’. A subsequent stint in Client servicing for an advertising agency in Mumbai was followed by the position of Head of Training for Customer Service and Voice Training in the Hero ITES BPO. After a few years, to further diversify her experience, Vandana went back to school to learn diamond grading followed by a leap into launching her business of designing diamond jewellery which she successfully ran for 10 years.

Her vision is to use her talent as an actor and the platform of Theatre for a Cause to create awareness and raise funds for various social causes that she is passionate about.